Career Bound students going to MAC

Alliance High School recently recognized Career Tech Education students who have committed to full-time employment in their field of study following graduation.

From the welding program, 11 students will be working at MAC Trailer as full-time employees with benefits. Congratulations to the following students!

Joseph Shannon (Marlington Graduate)

Nick Lanning

Allen Roberts

Wyatt Madison (Marlington Graduate)

Robert Beckley

Morgan Piotrowski (Marlington Graduate)

Trevor Collage

Tyrik Mason

Tyrese Watson

Tomas McGrath

Brock Jordan (Marlington Graduate)

Joshua Wise, from the auto tech program, will be working full-time at MD Body Corp. following his graduation from Marlington.

Sydney Peterson, from the cosmetology program, will be working full-time at Accentrix's Salon and Spa following graduation.