Busing and Transportation issues have become a major concern in our school district. Safety is of paramount importance for each and every child who is transported to and from school on a daily basis.

The Administration has been dealing with repeated discipline issues on our buses each and every day. Since the beginning of this school year there have been over 650 discipline referrals for bus rule violations. Many of these are repeat offenders of the same rules.

Our students are most at risk of a possible injury on the bus when they do not follow the safety rules that help to ensure their well-being.

Beginning immediately, any student who violates safety rules during transportation will be suspended and not be permitted to ride any bus until that suspension is complete. Building Principals will suspend students based on the type of violation, severity, and number of repeat violations. Refer to your student handbook for specifics.

We are asking for your cooperation and assistance in conveying to your children the importance of following rules and obeying the directives of the driver while in transport.

Attached are the most frequent types of behavior that have become so distracting that a safe transport becomes a major concern.

  • Children must sit on the bus. Standing while moving is a serious violation. Standing will result in a suspension.

  • Food and beverages are not permitted to be consumed on the bus. A violation of this will result in a suspension.

  • Profanity will result in a suspension.

  • Fighting will result in a suspension.

  • Destruction of property: seat damage, writing on walls, etc. will result in a suspension with full restitution.

  • Failure to follow a reasonable directive by the driver for repeated offenses will result in a suspension.

  • If a student is assigned a seat, he or she must remain in that seat for the duration of the transport. Jumping from seat to seat will result in a suspension.

Please reinforce these rules with your children. We will do the same in school. If your child is suspended from a bus, he or she may not have any bus privileges at any time while suspended. This applies to the Navigator program as well.

Our goal is to make sure we transport your children to and from school in a safe, incident free process.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.