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Several Alliance High School students competed in the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event at Canton McKinley High School on Saturday, January 27.  This event is sponsored by the Ohio Music Education Association and is open to any music student enrolled in a music class at Alliance.  Students prepared solos or ensembles and performed for highly qualified judges, receiving a comment sheet, or suggestions for improvements, and a rating on a scale of I to V. 

Students receiving a Superior (I) rating include vocalists—Courtney Asano, Kacie Bench, Anna Eversdyke, Sylvia Johnson, Grace McGeehen, Gianna Phillips, Makenna Root, Lily Walker, and the vocal ensemble of Makenna Root, La’Kasia Williams, and Gianna Phillips. 

Instrumentalists include—Anna Eversdyke (flute), Vincent Anderson (flute), Alyssa Pierson (flute), Ethan Jackson (tenor saxophone), Emily Owens (tenor saxophone), Kaia Canavan (trumpet), Jenna Heslop (marimba), Flute Trio (Anna Eversdyke, Emily Johnson, and Lily Walker), Kris Blyer (violin), Kai Lilley (viola), Cello Duet (Ian Sherer & Emily Owens), Violin and Cello Duet (Aaron Farmer & Emily Johnson), Violin Duet (Connor Bryant & LaKavien Nicholson), and String Quintet (Elijah Sims, David Wang, Avery Lewis, Ethan Jackson, and Stanley Vaughn Pearson). 

Students receiving an Excellent (II) rating include vocalists—Andrew Chunat, Rylee Pisino, and the vocal ensemble of Kacie Bench, Jenna Heslop, Sylvia Johnson, and Avery Horning.   Instrumentalists include—Lily Walker (flute) and Caroline Reich (viola). 

Way to go, Aviators!