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Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, about 11 hours ago

The students from team A (Megan Harper, Cindy Gaines, Lori Gasparik, and Holly Power) had a “royal” visit from Miss. Liberty, our Constitution Queen, Madi Gasparik. Miss Liberty read a story to the students about the Constitution. The students watched a video and made American flags along with listening to the story to celebrate Constitution Day. #RepthatA see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 6 days ago

MR. CALFEE PRESENTS CURIOUS GEORGE!!! Our principal Tim Calfee started a tradition four years ago to visit each kindergarten classroom and read the story Curious George to the students. This year, he thought outside the box and added a cool feature to the story. Tim Calfee has a hidden talent that the team did not know about which is he is a balloon artist. So he decided to use balloons to create a Curious George character to go with the story. The students and staff were so amazed at what he could do. This tradition along with others is what makes learning exciting and fun at AELS!!! We are grateful for our principal! see pic

Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 13 days ago

Students in Sandi Zemrock and Laura Hackney’s class have benefitted from generous donors!! These donors have each sponsored a child in the class by donating $10 each. With the donations, students will receive a new book each month from Scholastic.Thank you to Pat Ramser, Jackie Ramser- Mayle, Toni Kramer, Sally Hoover, Carole Hall, Shirley Johnston, Donna Rickles, Penny Flitcraft, Stephanie Pietrocola-Unrich, Josephine Pietrocola, Linda Schillig, Julie Cook Starzynski, Cindy Leider, Molly Krug, Gina West Sprenger and Pat Kovach. We greatly appreciate your sponsorship. see pic

Wendy Hubbard

Wendy Hubbard, 24 days ago


Chelsea Shar

Chelsea Shar, 27 days ago

Want to stay up to date on what's happening at each of our buildings? Download the newly re-designed ACS App where you can easily find all the content on our website from your mobile device! From game schedules to student forms, to photos and upcoming events, it's all on there! #RepthatA see pic

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