2017-2018 Scholarships

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STARK COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: Click here for a list of scholarships throughout Stark County. 

SCHOLARSHIPS 360: Various scholarships to look for! Click here for the website.

SCHOOL SOUP - Find a variety of scholarships that fit your situation. Click here for link

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS: This organization is a scholarship management service and a scholarship database for students. Their database is used to find scholarships online and is 100% free for students to use. Click here to look for scholarships

THROCKMORTON SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for students who met these specific requirements: Student must be African American or Native American and must reside within the Northeast Ohio or Western Pennsylvania geographic region, have a copy of birth certificate, attend an educational facility that must be in Northeastern Ohio or Western Pennsylvania, have a copy of current High School/College grades and GPA, have a current financial needs form from the school that documents grants, scholarships and loans being presently received, have a current bill from the school for the next semester/quarter, have a copy of the courses being taken for the next semester/quarter, write a one or more short paragraphs that should state why you should be considered, your future goals, college major/minor, needs, extracurricular activities at school or in the community, and send in final high school transcript (if applying during senior year of high school). Click here for more info.  Or, email april.m.thomas@huntington.com for questions regarding the scholarship. 

DISTINGUISHED YOUNG WOMEN SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for any young lady in the class of 2018 who is involved in school and/or community activities, has outstanding in academics, leadership, athletics, or the arts.  Click here for the link to the application.

P.E.O. STAR SCHOLARSHIP: A non-renewable $2,500 scholarship for graduating high school senior women which must be used in the academic year following graduation. Must request information in order to receive application.Click here for more information on application and deadline.

HORATIO ALGER SCHOLARSHIPS: These national and state scholarships are based on students pursuing a bachelor's degree, who have at least a 2.0 GPA and who need financial assistance for college. Click here for link. DEADLINE: October 25, 2017

NO COLLEGE ESSAY SCHOLARSHIP: Open to all high school and college students. Simply log in or create a free account to apply.Click here for the website. DEADLINE: October 31, 2017

CHILDREN'S DEFENSE FUND-OHIO BEAT THE ODDS SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship program honors outstanding high school students who have overcome tremendous adversity, demonstrated academic excellence and given back to their communities. Annually, CDF-Ohio identifies five Ohio high school students to honor and support by providing each with a $5,000 college scholarship, a laptop computer, an invitation to join CDF’s youth leadership development programs, and other support. Requirements include be a current high school senior in Ohio attending a public, charter or alternative high school, be nominated or seek nomination from a teacher, counselor, caseworker, or other adult who can speak to the student’s challenges; have overcome significant adversity such as, but not limited to, poverty, disability, homelessness or abuse; demonstrate participation in school activities, community organizations, employment and/or community service; and have a current G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher or graduate by July 2017. Click here for the website and application. DEADLINE: TBD

JACK KENT COOKE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP - High academic achievement student with financial need. GPA 3.5 or above. ACT composite 26+. Up to $40,000 per year possible. Click here for link. Applications accepted through November 14, 2017

ELKS MOST VALUABLE STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP - Based on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. Download application here. DEADLINE: November 27, 2017

AXA ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants need to be current high school seniors who plan to enroll full-time in an accredited two-year or four-year college and who demonstrate ambition and self-drive as evidenced by outstanding achievement in school, community or work-related activities. Click here for the application. Deadline is DEC. 15, 2017.

ATHENA/WOMAN OF THE YEAR SCHOLARSHIP: $1000 scholarship to a deserving female high school senior who has demonstrated community involvement, academic achievement, and leadership. Must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and be accepted at a recognized institution of learning offering a post-high school curriculum. Essay required as well as a transcript, and three letters of recommendations. Click here for the application. DEADLINE to Alliance Chamber of Commerce Office: December 22, 2017

MENSA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Based on essay contest. Entry form can be found on: Click here for website. Once on the webpage, Click on "Scholarship Application" link on left side of page. Then click "Determine Eligibility and begin process..." Enter zip code which connects to link for our area. DEADLINE: Depends on which scholarships the student is applying for, please check each scholarship and deadline

ACT STUDENT CHAMPION AWARD: ACT recognizes one student in each state who is tenacious and persistent, no matter the challenge, and is prepared for life after high school with a goal in mind and plan in place. ACT Student Champions receive a $500 non-renewable scholarship, certificate, plaque, and state-level recognition. Students in the graduating class of 2018 who have taken the ACT who fit the following criteria should apply: A student who has overcome challenges and can articulate education and career actions, students must have a composite ACT score of a 22 on a single test date or a 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale, and preference will be given to underrepresented and/or first-generation college students. DEADLINE: December 31, 2017. If applicants are under the age of 18, they must complete this form in addition to the application. Click here for the application.

OHIO JCI SENATE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS -For seniors who will be attending a college, university or vocational school. Click here for the application. DEADLINE to address on application: JAN. 5, 2018

ELKS LEGACY AWARD: This scholarship is open to high school seniors whose parents or grandparents are ELK’s members. DEADLINE: February 2, 2018. Click here for the application.

CLASS OF 2018 BLOOD DRIVE SCHOLARSHIP - Must have GPA of 2.5 and plan to attend a 2 or 4 yr. college. School, community activities and awards must be attached as well as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an essay on volunteering. DEADLINE to guidance: March 23, 2018. Click here for application

CLASS OF 2018 BLOOD DRIVE SCHOLARSHIP FOR PRE-MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS STUDENTS - Must have GPA of 2.5 and plan to attend a 2 or 4 yr. college. School, community activities and awards must be attached as well as transcripts and letters of recommendation. See Mrs. Woodruff for deadline and application. 

AHS FOUNDATION THERESA UTTERBACK FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP: Single parent family, GPA, financial need, and work experience. Fill out the AHS Foundation application as well as the separate application. DEADLINE to GUIDANCE: March 1, 2018.Click here for application

SEVEN SEVENTEEN CREDIT UNION: Eight $1500 scholarships for seniors who are members or legal dependents of a Seven Seventeen Credit Union. Click here for link. DEADLINE: March 1, 2018

THE 5TH ANNUAL 2017-2018 ZINGGIA OHIO ART SCHOLARSHIP: Eligibility requirements include being a high school senior, minimum 3.0 GPA, major career interest should include the Arts (general, painting, illustration, design, photography, printmaking, sculpture, etc.), and be a resident of the State of Ohio and US citizen (or a permanent resident of the US). Award may be used for full-time study in the United States (school of choice does not need to be in Ohio). Schools include art schools, two-year college or technical schools, and four-year colleges. Click here for the link to the application. DEADLINE: Must be postmarked ON OR BEFORE Saturday, March 3, 2018 (NO EXCEPTIONS).

AHS FOUNDATION DOROTHEA AND OWEN MCCOY FOREIGN LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP: Must have 5 credits in foreign language. Fill out AHS Foundation application as well as the separate application. DEADLINE to GUIDANCE: March 9, 2018. Click here for the application 

STARK COUNTY FARM BUREAU SCHOLARSHIP: Applicant’s immediate family must be members of the Stark Farm Bureau. Four $1000 scholarships will be given to a Farm Bureau Member’s Dependent for anyone working towards a degree related to agriculture and one $1000 scholarship will be given to a Farm Bureau Member’s Dependent working towards a degree, regardless of the field of study. Click here for application. DEADLINE: March 15, 2018

THE SOCIETY OF PLASTICS ENGINEERS AKRON SECTION EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants for this scholarship need to show scholastic achievement, have an interest in a plastics career, be involved with extracurricular activities, show, financial need, have two letters of reference from instructors or supervisors, and be in residence within area covered by Akron SPE. Preference is given to students enrolling in two and four years programs with a focus on plastics and polymers. Click here for more information. Click here for application. DEADLINE: March 16, 2018

AHS FOUNDATION CARLI-COWAN MATHEMATICS SCHOLARSHIP - Senior who has taken precalculus and will be pursuing a career in a mathematics-related field. Fill out AHS Foundation application as well as the separate application. DEADLINE to guidance: March 16, 2018. Click here for application

AHS FOUNDATION MEGAN ADELMAN SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is for any senior girl who has lettered in cross country for four years. See Mrs. Morrison in the guidance office for an application. DEADLINE: March 16, 2018

ROBERT H DOWLING SCHOLARSHIP - Senior who is planning on attending college or technical school. Based on academics, references, and financial need. DEADLINE to guidance: March 16, 2018.Click here for application

AHS FOUNDATION PIETROCOLA FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP - Based on academics and demonstration of active role in volunteerism. GPA of 3.0 or higher. Fill out AHS Foundation application as well as the separate application. DEADLINE to guidance: March 20, 2018. Click here for application

ALLIANCEWORKS SCHOLARSHIP: Alliance High School students completing an Alliance High School Career and Technical Program in good standing are eligible for a one of five full tuition scholarship (excluding books and fees) to Stark State College. Requires a completed application, one page essay (typed, double spaced) on your passion and commitment to a career tech program and future career, one letter of recommendation from your career tech teacher, a current transcript, and a completed FAFSA. For more information, see your counselor in the guidance office. Click here for the application. DEADLINE: March 28, 2018

LEVY LAW OFFICES CINCINNATI SAFE DRIVER SCHOLARSHIP: This $2500 scholarship is for any Ohio or Kentucky student who will be enrolled in a two-year to five-year institution (college, graduate school, law school, etc.) in 2018. To apply for this scholarship, create a short (2-3min video) OR submit an essay (must be at least 1,000 words) telling us about one of the following things: Explain why you do not support or promote distracted driving (Ex: driving while texting or drinking) OR Explain how you prevent distracted driving and promote safe driving practices for yourself, friends, or family by providing specific examples. Click here for the website to access the application. DEADLINE: March 30 2018

SLATER & ZURZ SCHOLARSHIP: This $1000 scholarship will be awarded to any student who is a high school senior who will attending a college or university located in Ohio. The scholarship will not be tied directly to a student's GPA, ACT scores or class rank. Rather, it will be awarded based on the preparation of a 2-4 minute YouTube video and an accompanying written essay exploring the following topic: "How can the legal system (government, law enforcement, etc.) in Ohio, address and stop the serious opioid drug problem?" DEADLINE: March 31, 2018. Click here for the application.

THE BOYD WALLBROWN JR. AGRICULTURE INNOVATION SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants must be in their senior year and a candidate for graduation from high school or vocational school or already enrolled in a two year or four year undergraduate college program. Applicants must have plans to pursue a higher education degree with the following focus(es): Agricultural production, Research/development in agriculture production, Crop production, Livestock/farm animals, Agriculture engineering, or Emphasis on innovation and agriculture production advances. Must also provide with the application two letters of recommendation: one from a current or former teacher, preferably one in the agriculture disciplines, and a letter of recommendation from a community member who is not a relative of the applicant. Lastly, applicants must be available for a personal interview, if requested. Click here for application. DEADLINE: March 31, 2018

GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET SYMPOSIUM/UNIVERSITY OF AFTERMARKET FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS: Qualified applicants must be a graduating high school senior, or have graduated from high school or received a GED certificate. There is no minimum GPA requirement for GAAS awards. Applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll as a full time student in a 2 or 4 year college or an ASE/NATEF certified post secondary automotive, collision repair, or heavy duty program. Click here for the application. DEADLINE: March 31, 2018.

THE CANTON PRESERVATION SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP: The Canton Preservation Society's annual scholarship provides financial assistance to a Stark County student preparing for a career related to historic preservation. Eligible applicants include students in technical, undergraduate or graduate study intending to enroll, or already enrolled, in a program in Historic Preservation or a related field which can include, but need be not limited to, Building Preservation, History, Architecture, American Studies, Urban Planning, or Museum Studies. The program of study must be at a U.S. university, college, or institution. The student’s eligibility will be based partly on financial need and partly on the application materials, academic performance, community service and promise shown for future achievement, based on the judgment of a review panel. The award is for a maximum of $1000.00 toward school tuition and paid directly to the school. page. Click here for the application. DEADLINE: April 1, 2018.

ITALIAN AMERICAN FESTIVAL FOUNDATION OF STARK COUNTY: A total of $8,000 will be given out to high school seniors and will be judged on a basis of need, scholastic ability, extracurricular involvement, and character. Along with the application form, applicants must submit a written essay and a letter of recommendation from a senior year faculty member. Applicants must be of Italian descent and a 2018 May/June graduate of a Stark County High School. In order to obtain the application form, please request one in writing to “Italian American Festival Foundation, PO Box 9345, Canton, OH 44711-9345, Atten: “Louie” Mattachione, Scholarship Chm. DEADLINE: April 1, 2018

NANCY L. PENNY SCHOLARSHIP - Must have at least a 3.0 GPA, have been accepted as a full-time student at a college/university, and demonstrates good character and potential for post-secondary education success. Application is accessible in January of 2018. DEADLINE: April 1, 2018. Click here for the website to gain access to the application

THE PAUL AND CAROL DAVID SCHOLAR PROGRAM - A four year renewable scholarship for Stark County high school seniors. Must demonstrate financial need; above average academic performance; participates in extracurriculars; has overcome some obstacle in their life; exhibits good character. Average family income $55,000 per year and not exceed $120,000 per year. Click here for website. DEADLINE TO THEIR OFFICE: APRIL 15, 2018. Questions? Contact info@davidfoundation.org 

CANTON-MASSILLON CHAPTER OF ASM INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants for this non-renewable $1500 scholarship must attend a Stark County or Carroll County high school, have direct enrollment in an ABET accredited College of Engineering for the Fall of 2018 semester (cannot be a College of Technology), and have a minimum ACT composite score of a 28. Click here for application link. DEADLINE: April 27, 2018

CARNATION CITY PLAYERS SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants must be high school seniors who have participated in Alliance-area community theatre and/or school theatre who will use the award towards post-secondary education expenses. Applicants must also express intent to study theatre arts and/or plan future involvement with community theatre. The recipient will be chosen considering several factors including (but not limited to) past theatrical experience, CCP membership (one consideration factor, but not required), academic record, personal achievements, future theatrical goals, and personal recommendations. The recipient of the award will be chosen by a CCP Award Committee. Click here for the application. DEADLINE: May 1, 2018

GROTH & ASSOCIATES SCHOLARSHIP: A $1000 scholarship will be awarded to any student who has a 3.0 GPA and writes a 500 word essay about difficulties or hardships they have had to personal overcome. Click here for the application. DEADLINE: July 31, 2018