Welcome to Alliance Digital Academy!

Dear Digital Family,

Welcome to the Alliance Digital Academy (ADA) website. I am very excited to participate in the growth of all students, academically and socially. ADA is an alternative school for students ranging in grades 4 and 12 within the Alliance City School district. All ADA staff are committed to academic, social and behavioral growth. It is our daily goal to facilitate learning that is contextual, creative and shared. Students will learn by using various instructional strategies, including technology, while educators monitor and analyze progress through Plato and Acellus software programs. The purpose of ADA’s website is to inform you of the methods used to support this great task. If there are any questions regarding policies and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance. Effective learning can only take place when everyone is aware of the policies and procedures that guide Alliance City School’s vision, mission and Aviator Profile. We believe you are essential to all students receiving the best education possible. Please consider helping to make us one family, deeply rooted in all aspects of our students’ formative years.

On behalf of the staff of ADA, we look forward to collaborating with you for a successful school year.

Yours in education,

Portia A. Johnson


330.821.2100 Ext. 2611