WELD 104 – Pipe Welding

Learn and apply the skills required in preparation for the 6G Pipe certification.

Course Prerequisites: Welding Technology Graduate or performance entrance evaluation

100 Hours (20 Theory, 80 Lab)

Admission prerequisite: HS Diploma/GED, Entrance Exam. 

The student entering the program should have background knowledge or experience in shop math, blueprint reading, metalworking/technology, general shop safety skills, basic knowledge of welding, and proficient in basic MIG and TIG welding. The Pipe Welding program will teach the fundamentals of Pipe welding, the most common way of permanently joining metal parts. The student will receive training in basic concepts of open-root SMAW of pipe and how to prepare for welding, identify and describe the four pipe welding positions and acceptable weld profiles, SMAW techniques for root and fill passes on pipe, how to prepare the area, materials and equipment for SMAW of pipe, and Identify common welding safety practices. Students will be required to purchase safety glasses, gloves and steel toed boots. This program includes OSHA 10 certification.