Making Statements in Style

Making Statements in Style


Students in the first Textile Design/Interior Design class at Alliance High say it allows them to be both creative and practical.

For textile design, they learned how to make cozy cup holders, felted wool mittens and pajama pants, among other things.

For interior design, they created rooms inside shoe boxes using scraps of fabric, old buttons, macaroni and other cast-offs.

“I wish it was a year long class instead of just a semester,” said senior Lilli Boehm. “But what I did learn in a semester I will definitely be able to use in the future.”

Textile Design is a class based on the study of fibers, textiles and fabrics and how they combine, explained Mrs. Marikay Kuntzman, who teaches the course for the Career and Tech Department.

“Fabrics are all around you; clothing, home items, car seat covers, sport uniforms to name a few,” she said. “We explore repairing, altering and constructing textiles through various projects.”

Another part of the class is re-purposing items that are no longer wanted. Students in the class have made mittens from an old wool sweater, and tote bags, vests or pillow covers from discarded jeans.

Interior Design is all about learning how line, design, pattern and color come together in a room, Kuntzman said. From furniture to flooring, lamps to pillows, there is a method to mixing and matching.

“We study the purpose of space, how it functions and the different types of living options available,” she said. “Using the color wheel, students create colored-pencil pictures of rooms following selected color schemes. They design and furnish shoebox rooms following a set theme.”

Sophomore Siearra Nagle said taking the class is an advantage “not only for the life skills, but for the creativity that students are able to apply to each project.”

“You can learn many things you may need at some point in life,” added Kate Boehm, a freshman.

“Every day I come to school and look forward to being in the class,” said Madisyn Tabler, also a freshman. “I'm a very creative person and this class lets you be as creative as you'd like.”

“I recommend it to everyone who enjoys creative freedom and hands-on learning,” said junior Lexi Orzo.

“Both classes allow for individuality and the students’ creativity to come alive,” Kuntzman said. “The possibilities are endless.”

And, as she reminds students, “You are not going to be living at home forever.”