Where Dreams Come True - Disney Trip
Jon Smith

Where Dreams Come True

Music Dept. Visits Disney World


Red and Blue Staff Writer

           Members of the Alliance High School Music Department visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida over spring break.

The band, choir, and orchestra had the opportunity to perform in the Disney Springs park, as well as visit the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

The students all received Mickey Mouse ear hats with the Disney Performing Arts logo on the front. The AHS groups also received Golden Mickey trophies for their hard work and outstanding performances.

              The students, teachers, and chaperones enjoyed warm, sunny weather. The students got up early in the morning and explored the parks all day. At night they enjoyed firework shows in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

Some students have visited Disney World before and helped their friends to navigate the parks. But for others, this was their first trip to Disney.

              Sophomore Cheyane Benning has visited Orlando before and said her favorite ride was the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. “I enjoyed the thrill and had fun riding with my friends and laughing at their reactions and screams on the ride.”

               Tommy Gress, a freshman, said that his favorite park to visit was Epcot because he enjoyed the Test Track ride in which you create a virtual vehicle, then put it to the test.

              Sophomore Siearra Nagle said, “I loved all the shows at the end of the day. The day we were in Hollywood Studios was my favorite, but my favorite park was Epcot.”

Nagle also mentioned how being able to use Fast Passes was very helpful and prevented them from waiting in very long lines for a few rides.

              Being able to perform in the Disney Springs park and work behind the scenes with Disney crew members was a great experience for the students while also allowing them to have a lot of fun. For upperclassmen, the trip was a great memory to add to their high school experience, and underclassmen are already excited for their next trip.