Pennies for Patients
Pennies for Patients
Caitlin Driscoll

This March, Parkway students are working hard to raise money for Pennies for Patients, a fundraising effort to fight blood cancer. Each class has the goal of raising $75. There are a variety of prizes and rewards students can earn when they bring in money:

$2.00 - “Let’s Glow Dancing” -- Sold through March 10th. This is a dance party during school hours where kids will get a glow stick during the dance.

$1.00 - “No Homework Coupon” --Sold through March. 10th. Buy one night off of homework. Coupon expires March 24th.

$1.00 - “Lucky Lunch” ticket - Sold now through March 16th. This will take place March 17th and students will receive a special treat during lunch.

$1.00 - Paper Ribbon: Sold now through March 17th Decorate and return to school by March 20th to be judged on creativity.

$1.00 - “Stuck for a Buck” -- Sold now through March 22nd. Buy a chance to tape Mrs. Garren to the wall!

$1.00 - “Hilarious Hat Day” -- Sold now through March 22nd. Wear your hats on March 24th!

$5.00 - “Chance to be a Player” -- Sold now through March 22nd. Students get a chance to have their name drawn to play in the “Fun and Games Celebration” on March 24th.

Children can bring money into school, or make fundraising webpages where you can donate online too!