Game of Tiaras
Jon Smith

Disney Characters Duke It Out

“Game of Tiaras” Sparkles




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Imagine something even more bloody than “Game of Thrones” combined with Monty Python, Lord of the Rings and every Disney princess movie ever made. That’s “Game of Tiaras” presented by the AHS Drama Club this past weekend.

Just like in Game of Thrones, there are honest men and liars, kings and queens (well, princesses), and a bunch of power hungry people. Everybody wants to sit upon the iron throne (in this case it's a pink, sparkly throne, but that's not important.)

A parody of Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” the play has to do with three of the most prominent princesses - Belle (Samantha Aeling), Cinderella (Paige Lilly), and Ellie (not Elsa) (Mackenzie Wiley) - who want to inherit the throne. The King (Ben Woodruff) has a contest to see who loves him most. But the thing is, all three of the sisters are heartless.

Other princesses join the fight, including the Little Mermaid (Tawni Fording) and Snow White (Melea Thompson). Throw in Smeagol (Camryn Ellis), a familiar-looking snowman (Paige Lilly) and a couple dwarves (Delilah Crum and Meah Minor) and you have chaos.

To make matters worse, there is also a love triangle between Cinderella, Ellie and Prince Charming (Caven Smith). Cinderella “loves” him, but Ellie just wants him for his army.

“I love the fact that I get to play such a mean character,” said Paige Lilly, a.k.a. Cinderella.

“It was a fun experience!” said Katie Blake, a freshman who had many roles.

Other members of the cast include Tommy Gress, Maysun Stella, De’Shaun Heards, Mike Holub, Cameron Linville, Jordan Raffle, Tawni Fording, Dan Amsden-Michel, Steffan Thalaker, Aleah Minor and McKenzie Keen, who was also stage manager.

The crew included Isabella Krahling, Casey Saunier, Matt Lansell, Louis Zellander and Najhion Davis. The play was directed by Mr. David Hammers and Mrs. Donna Hall. Mr. Chris Felger’s Construction Trades students were responsible for set design and construction, while Ms. Micah Thompson, Mrs. Marikay Kuntzman, Miss Chais Otto did costume and makeup design.

“I was absolutely thrilled with the production,” said Mrs. Hall. “The actors worked hard and took direction well, so that the end result was a laugh-out-loud-funny show, and such a memorable and enjoyable experience.”