​Key Club Gets Ready to Drop the “S” Bomb (Scarves)
Jon Smith

Key Club Gets Ready to Drop the “S” Bomb (Scarves)


Red and Blue Staff Writer

In the dead of winter, Alliance High School’s Key Club prepares for its second annual scarf bombing across the city. Instated last year, the event involves collecting winter clothes to distribute to those in need.

The original purpose was simply to collect scarves, but since people donated a variety of winter clothes last year, all types of donations are now being called for.

Donations can be turned in to the high school’s main office or to Mr. Chris Schillig, the club’s advisor, in Room 329. Donations will be accepted through Jan. 30.

As for when the donations will be distributed, Schillig said: “We’ll pick an appropriate day and the Key Club will go out and leave them on park benches or in bus stops, or anywhere else we think people would come along, feeling cold.”

Schillig said the distribution chore is not limited to members of the club.

“I’ll take anybody who wants to distribute them, absolutely,” he said. “I’ll take any volunteers.”

Last year, the club was able to distribute about 40 packages of hats, scarves and mittens. This year, hopefully that number will increase.

“It was nice that people who are too shy to go ask for help or to go get warm clothing can just find it and get it for themselves, so they can still have their pride,” said Allie Cox, a sophomore and member of Key Club.

“I think last year’s scarf bombing was received well by the community,” Schillig said. “I heard nice comments about it.”

“I don't know how much it impacted the community, but I hope it at least raised awareness.”

Last year, volunteers left bags of scarves, hats and mittens where people in need could find them in the Key Club's scarf bombing project